Easy Entry of Unicode Encoded DevaNagari in Windows 98 Made Possible

ISE - Aditi Info. recently released Sugam-98 that facilitates easy entry of Unicode encoded Devanagari (aka Nagari) in Windows 98. It is useful, as software components for entering Unicode encoded DevaNagari are not available with Windows 98. DevaNagari script is used for writing texts of Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Nepali and a lot of other languages.

Gondia, MH, July, 2005:

In the past Indians were forced to use various proprietary encodings as there was no effective and practical standard for storing and processing Indic Languages and Scripts in Computers. Nowadays Unicode is accepted as de-facto encoding standard. Proper use of it can prevent loss of data/information. Windows 98 does not officially support Unicode-Nagari.

There are solutions for entering Unicode-Nagari in Windows 98 but they do not match the quality and simplicity of recently released software Sugam-98.

Sugam-98 of ISE - Aditi Info. facilitates easy entry of Unicode encoded DevaNagari in Windows 98. The plans for facilitating entry of other Indian scripts are in the pipeline. The price of Sugam is kept low to encourage every user of Windows 98 to buy it.

Akhilesh Gupta, Director of ISE-AI said, "Various offices of the state and central governments and public sector undertakings have thousands upon thousands of PCs with Windows 98 installed. The priorities should not be mindless upgrades but proper use of existing systems. We have worked hard to come up with a practical solution to enable entry of Unicode encoded Nagari in Windows 98."

The beauty of this solution is that it works very well with free software mainly OpenOffice.org (now LibreOffice.org).

The main component of Sugam is an OpenType font that contains glyphs of Latin and Nagari scripts which works well with Windows 98, 2000 and XP. It is professionally hinted using TrueType instructions. Its OT Layout tables are logical and meticulously formulated. The glyphs (shapes) in this font are clean and carefully drawn and redrawn many times to avoid and remove smallest error in curves and straight lines.

ISE - Aditi Info. is a small software firm operating from a small town Gondia in the state of Maharashtra, India since 1991. ISE - Aditi Info. provides software and fonts for using DevaNagari script on computers.