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Hinđī Songs हिंदी गाने

Hinđī Numbers संख्याएँ

Essential Hinđī Words

Common Hinđī Phrases

Rhymes Bāl-Gīŧ/Shishu-Gīŧ (बाल/शिशु गीत)


Hinđī-English Font - Akhil HE

SuNāgarī Keyboard Layout

Sugam - BiScript Software Solution

अखिल (हिंदी-अंग्रेज़ी) फ़ॉन्ट

Advantages of using our font(s)

Đev-Nāgarī Alphabet & Typing

Intro to ĐevaNāgarī Alphabet

Svar = Vowels

V'yanjan = Consonants

Māŧrā = Vowel-Marks

Chihna = Signs

Memorize ĐevaNāgarī Alphabet

Schwa अकारHalant हलंत

How To Type ĐevaNāgarī (Hinđī) देव-नागरी कैसे टाइप करें?

How To Enable Indic Languages in Windows

Unicode and other standards

ĐevaNāgarī or Nāgarī

Is Devnagari a typo?

ĐevaNāgarī to Latin using the _naagaree-128 Scheme

Type in Latin as per _naagaree-128 Scheme, get transliterated ĐevaNāgarī text

Type in ĐevaNāgarī, get transliterated Latin text as per _naagaree-128 Scheme

Saral Nāgarī

Nāgarī Languages

Type in ĐevaNāgarī, get transliterated Nīrajā-Latin text


Om Symbol - ॐ

Gāyaŧrī Manŧra - गायत्री मंत्र

Hanumān Chālīsā - हनुमान चालीसा

History of Hanumān Chālīsā - हनुमान चालीसा का इतिहास

Đīvālī - दीवाली [Đīpāvalī - दीपावली / दिवाली]

Karpoor Āraŧī - कर्पूर आरती


Fighting Cold (flu)


A worm in an eye - reported by Dr. Surendra Gupta.


A Theory of Physics by Aseem Kr. Gupta


Enquire (Fonts or Software)

About Us

News (Releases) Page

Akhilesh Gupta (Designer, Programmer)

Indian Opticians

What are Soft Fonts?


Indian names for Boys


Pronunciations of English Alphabets

The spellings for अंग्रेज़ी (English)

IT, CS, Computer Applications

List of Software & Resources for Beginners in IT/CS

Convert Unix (or Mac OS) Text to Windows Text!

Correct Plain Text for Punctuation Errors!

History of Computers - कंप्यूटर का इतिहास

Components of PC

Definition of Computer