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If you have paid any amount to anybody (any person or any website) for 'Akhil HE', Sugam. etc. but haven't received the font and software, please immediately contact us with the details of payments you made.

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The font 'Akhil HE' is mainly available on this site (

You may contact us if you want to -

#  Buy multiple licenses of our Unicode compliant OpenType font/s for DevaNagari-Latin.
#  Use our keyboard layout SuNāgarī. [If you have bought our font/s]
#  Sell licenses of our OpenType fonts. [Offer for Software Vendors.]
#  Include our OpenType fonts or Sugam with computers/software you sell. [Offer for OEMs.]
#  Be a part of the project 'Saral Nagari'. (For promoting Hindi/DevaNagari)

As a type-software seller, we enjoy cordial relations with our customers. We assure you of a healthy business relation.

Before writing to us please buy at least a single user license of our font -Akhil HE. Those who already have a license of our font can ask for our telephone number.

Be our customer and you will have an ultimate satisfying experience of efficiently using Devanagari/Hindi on computers.

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