Newer operating systems like Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.. support Unicode for Indic Scripts. You still need to buy quality Devanagari fonts as the DevaNagari font/s bundled with these operating systems is/are ordinary one/s. Even the standard keyboard layout called INSCRIPT is a real drag!

Components of Sugam-2K:

  • A great OpenType font - Akhil HE
  • A simple TrueType font - Akhil
  • An efficient keyboard - SuNāgarī-11

The main component of Sugam-2K is 'Akhil HE' - an OpenType font. This as well as 'Akhil' (a simple TrueType font) continue to work in newer operating systems like Windows 10, ... as these are the standard based fonts and will not become obsolete in next 10 years!

Buying our font 'Akhil HE' is same as buying 'Sugam'; as we provide other components of Sugam-2K (like keyboard programs) free of cost.

To read about our main OpenType font - Akhil HE in English click here.

Click here for info in Hindi

The font 'Akhil' is a small & plain but professionally created font to set English only text.

SuNāgarī is the new keyboard layout developed by us that combines productivity of INSCRIPT with ease of Phonetic layout. It is a result of a lot of research.

To read more about SuNāgarī click here.

To download the brochure of Sugam click here.

You can use Sugam with free software such as the LibreOffice.

Some of us want to keep upgrading! If you use your computer for more than 4-5 hours daily then only you may upgrade every 2-3 years. Upgrading results in inconvenience of taking your data and programs to a new PC. Same is true about buying a newer smart phone. If you always carry a laptop or tablet you can settle for a smaller mobile with GPS!

Previous Version - Sugam-98

Unicode was not completely supported on Windows 98. Microsoft supplied Uniscribe with IE 6 onwards to render DevaNagari text in Windows 98. But there was no facility for entering Unicode encoded DevaNagari in Windows 98.

As a lot of people were using Windows 98 in 2003, so we developed a package named 'Sugam-98'. It facilitated easy entry of Unicode encoded DevaNagari in Windows 98.

TransLit-98 was the keyboard filter program that facilitates/d input using 'SuNāgarī' in Windows 98.

InScript-98 was the keyboard program as per the standard INSCRIPT layout.

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