An Efficient Key-Layout for DevaNagari

We have developed an efficient DevaNagari Key(board) Layout after research and trials over a decade.

Recently we renamed this layout (iNagari) as SuNāgarī.

It combines the best of both the worlds; simplicity of 'Phonetic' and efficiency of 'Inscript'. Inscript is the standard by Bureau of Indian Standards. With little practice you can start using SuNāgarī efficiently.

DevaNagari Keyboard Layouts Compared

  1. The problem with phonetic layouts is that they require you to enter lot of 'a'. e.g. For writing समय you have to type 'samaya'; out of these 6 keys, 3 keys are 'a' (so the little finger of left hand need to work a lot for such words; we loose typing speed!)
  2. The problem with 'Inscript' is lack of familiarity. For writing समय you have to type 'mc/'; just three keys, but one need to know where is what!
  3. In case of 'SuNāgarī' you require very little training. e.g. For writing समय you have to type 'smy'; just three keys and you will see that you don't have to remember a lot of keys.

Most of the time (about 85%) we use full form (like क, ख, ग) of consonants while about 15% times we need half form (like क्‍ ख्‍ ग्‍ ). We use 'Halant' ( ् as in क्) to get half form. In 'SuNāgarī' Halant is at semicolon (;) key which is on the right side of 'L' key.

So for writing क्या you have to type 'k;ya'. Similarly for writing कार्य you have to type 'kar;y'. For writing ट्रांस you have to type 'T;raxs'. (x is for anuswar/bindu). For lot of words you don't have to apply any logic, e.g. to write ‘लिपि’ you have to just type ‘lipi’.

Color-coded SuNāgarī

Refer to the following colorful picture of SuNāgarī. The DevaNagari keys which you need not remember are those which directly correspond to Roman (English) keys. These regular keys are printed with pale yellow color. Other keys which one should remember are colored with other colors. All the keys representing DevaNagari-vowels (swaras) are colored with light-violet.

SuNāgarī Keyboard Layout

To try / use online (virtual) SuNāgarī just type in your browser or click here

Translit-98 (SuNāgarī-98) was the program that we wrote to support this layout in Windows-98. Users just needed to start it and then either minimize it or leave it behind other Windows.

For Windows 2000 and XP we have 'SuNāgarī-2K'. For XP with SP3 (or newer), Vista, 7 and 8, you need our latest 'SuNāgarī-11'. We also have SuNāgarī 11 for OS X.

Click following button to buy our font 'Akhil HE', all these versions of SuNāgarī are free for our customers. Do not worry about version of SuNāgarī etc.; as our customers you will keep getting newer versions of SuNāgarī absolutely free.

You will also get high quality color coded keyboard layout pictures to be used as wall-paper. Isn't it a good idea to use keyboard layout pictures as wall-paper? Isn't it cool to color code layout depending upon whether a character is a vowel or a mark?

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