Smart Fonts for Hindi & English

A smart font is a 'type software' that has rendering 'logic' built-in along with graphical designs of glyphs.

DevaNagari script is used to write Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, Sanskrit and many other South Asian languages.

We give utmost attention to quality that's why we can't offer lots of fonts.

There are many non-standard (Non-Unicode) DevaNagari fonts of ordinary quality available for free download. If you start testing them one by one you will waste a lot of time.

This page in Hindi

Our DevaNagari-Latin Font

We have redesigned our type software many times (over 2 decades!) for issues relating to font formats, rendering, resolutions, etc. We have been designing it for various computers and their operating systems.

The name of our smart font is Akhil HE. 'H' in 'Akhil HE' stands for Hindi and 'E' for English.

There are lots of advantages in typesetting bilingual DevaNagari-Latin text using our font. This font produces unmatched results while composing either plain DevaNagari text or mixed DevaNagari-Latin text.

If you have bought version 1.0 of this type software and now need the currency sign for '₹' in it, please send an e-mail to us. You will get free upgrade.

Since 2005, this font 'Akhil HE' is a professionally hinted, Unicode compliant, OpenType font for DevaNagari and Latin scripts. Its OT Layout tables for DevaNagari are very logical and meticulously formulated. The glyphs (shapes/letter-forms) in 'Akhil HE' are clean and carefully drawn and redrawn again and again to remove even insignificant errors in curves etc.

We did rigorous proofing and thorough testing of 'Akhil HE' on Win 98 SE, Win 2000 and XP before it was released in 2005. Since then we have tested it on Win Vista, 7, 8 and 10 and have not found any problem. We have also installed it on few mobile phones running Android.

Following image shows some plain Hindi English text rendered using this smart font in Notepad!

[Rendered sample as an image.]

Why to buy our Smart Font?

Do you wonder why you need our DevaNagari smart font when modern OSes come pre-installed with fonts containing DevaNagari glyphs? Should you buy when there are many freely downloadable fonts available thru the Internet?

For the answer, read the following testimonial by an esteemed professional (who bought a license for our font and is using it regularly.)

"I really like the 'Akhil HE' font. None of the freely available fonts are as useful to me as I attempt to learn to read and type Hindi."

"Why? There are several reasons, let me list three of them."

"The most important is that it is clearly legible. Even at smaller font sizes it is the easiest Devanagari font to read. Other fonts require that I increase the point size before they become clear, limiting the amount of text I can display at any one time. If you surf even some of the commercial websites in Hindi you will see what I mean. For me, it is most important to see the Hindi characters clearly."

"Another reason I like the 'Akhil HE' font is for the Saral Nagari approach. As a beginner, learning Hindi on my own, uncommon conjuncts pose a problem. With 'Akhil HE', I can often cut a Hindi word with an unfamiliar conjunct that has been displayed in another Unicode font, and paste it into a document with 'Akhil HE' as default, and voilà the mystery is solved."

"Still another reason is that the English part of the font is equally as clear as the Hindi, and well balanced with it. I am often typing the Hindi exercizes from one of my workbooks, working them out, then typing the English alongside. With 'Akhil HE', I don't need to change fonts or font sizes very often."

- Gerry T.  

Only Apple (iMac/iPhone) users complain as the OpenType rendering for complex scripts is implemented incompletely via Apple's AAT technology.

Based on ratings by 94 customers.

Buy a License of 'Akhil HE'

If you use either Windows, Linux or Android; Click the following button to pay for this smart font in currencies like US Dollars using credit card or PayPal-A/c.

If you want to pay in Rupees (INR; ₹) through PayU Money click the following button.

If you want to pay via a bank / wire transfer or a demand draft in rupees (INR; ₹), click the following button to obtain our A/c info.

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[The 'single user license' permits you to install 'Akhil HE' (or 'Akhil ME') on a single PC, Laptop or HandHeld Device (like Mobile) that you use. You can typeset and print documents using this font. You can give the printed documents (hard copy) to others.]

The following image shows sample text typeset (composed) using this type-software in different sizes.

[Sample text typeset as an image.]

Why to compromise and use ordinary Hindi fonts?

Help us in developing quality software and fonts for DevaNagari and other Indian scripts.

If you buy it now, you will be paying less than what you will pay for it in future. There won't be any discount on single user licenses. 'Akhil HE' is the main component of our software 'Sugam'. Other small components of Sugam are free for all of our customers. So buying 'Sugam' is same as buying 'Akhil HE'.

Whenever you buy a new smart phone, tablet or a laptop, check the quality of pre-installed Indian fonts, specially positioning of marks (matra/s) and display at smaller sizes. Some high-end devices come with preinstalled Akhil HE. If none of your device has preinstalled Akhil HE; please buy its license by clicking on the [Buy Now] button shown on this page.

If you have already paid for this type software (font) but have not received it even after 3 days, please send an email to us.

Sometimes it can be a delay (generally less than 2 days) from our side :-( or because of payment processing. So please inform us if you have any problem regarding delivery even after 3 days of making payment.

Click here for our e-mail ID.

If you want to use Akhil HE in many CPUs (PCs, Laptops, Mobiles, etc.) please send an email with a description of your requirements like the number of CPUs and users.

Write to us if you want to embed Akhil HE in documents / webpages you create.

If you want to wrap this smart font in 'web open' font wrapper for your website please ask for a site license. Web open font is a new technology. Check which we hosted to test to what extent various browsers can handle 'Akhil HE' as a web open font.

If you know how to root an Android phone, you can replace DroidSansFallback.ttf with this type-software. Remember OpenType support in FreeType/HarfBuzz (that Android uses) is not yet complete and positioning of some marks won't be perfect. OpenType type support in HarfBuzz is better than iOS.

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