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Enable Indic Language Support In Windows

If you want to use our keyboard layout 'SuNāgarī', please install it now.

In Windows 7

  1. Open the 'Control Panel'
  2. Select Region and Language Options
  3. Select Keyboards and Languages Tab
  4. Click Change Keyboards...
  5. If Hindi is not present in the 'Installed Services' list
    • Click 'Add...' button.
    • Select 'SuNāgarī 11' or another one of your choice under Hindi
    • Click OK to close 'Text Services and Input Languages' dialog box.

In Windows XP


  1. Open the 'Control Panel'
  2. Open 'Regional and Language Options'.
  3. Select 'Languages' Tab
  4. Check the following option -
    Install files for complex scripts and left-to-right language...
  5. Insert Windows XP CD in the drive if asked for.
    System may reboot.


  1. Open the 'Control Panel'
  2. Open 'Regional and Language Options'
  3. Select 'Input Locales' or 'Languages' Tab; which-ever is present
    • In case of 'Input Locales' Tab; you will get a 'Installed Input Languages' & a 'Keyboard Layouts/IME' list
    • In case of 'Languages' Tab; you will get 'Text services and Input Languages'. Click on [Details]
  4. You will surely find 'EN - English (US or UK)'.
    You may not find 'HI - Hindi (Traditional)'. If you find it listed your OS already has Hindi enabled.
  5. Now you will have to add 'HI - Hindi (Traditional)' or 'SuNāgarī...2K'.
  6. Click on the 'Add...' button. You will see 'Add Input Locale' box.
  7. Select 'Hindi' in the 'Input locale' list.
    'Hindi Traditional' will automatically appear in 'keyboard layouts/IME' list. Select 'SuNāgarī...2K' and deselect 'Hindi Traditional'.
  8. [OK] to close 'Add Input Locale' & 'Regional ... Options'.

If you need to type Hindi on different PCs you may have to use INSCRIPT as it is default in Windows. Choose 'On Screen Keyboard' from 'Accessibility' group from the 'Accessories' sub-menu.

Check Whether Hindi (HI) Is Enabled Or Not

In Windows, the strip with the [Start] button is called Taskbar (generally at the bottom of the screen). Near the clock on the taskbar you will notice 'EN' or 'HI'. If you don't see 'EN' or 'HI' on the task-bar, probably you will be having a floating language bar somewhere on the desktop (screen).

'HI' or 'EN' indicates the current language selected. To change this, you can click on the 'EN' or 'HI' and select another language. Open the Notepad and press few keys while 'HI' is selected. If you see DevaNagari Akṣhars you have properly installed the Hindi language.