I/we design, develop and sell Unicode compliant fonts and software for using DevaNagari script on computers.

In 2005, I (Akhilesh Gupta) released Sugam-98 for Windows 98. Since then I have released components of Sugam-2K for all the newer versions of Windows (including Win 10). The main component of Sugam is a Unicode compliant DevaNagari font called 'Akhil HE'.

Information about me as a typographical engineer (or us as a small type-foundry)
at Microsoft Typography,
in Lists maintained by 'Luc Devroye' of McGill University.

I also taught programming with C & Java.

Developing Nagari (aka Devanagari) fonts and software isn't rewarding for us. We operate from a small town (Gondia, India).

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