Akhilesh Gupta (अखिलेश गुप्ता; 1969)

Designer and programmer. [Goshala Ward, Gondia.]

He don't participate in social media.

1987  Started learning Computer Fundamentals & BASIC.
1989  Started learning C.
1991  Wrote 'Sugam' (ISCII <-> Proprietary-Code Converter) in C.
1992  Wrote a rudimentary bitmap PCL font editor in C.
1993  Started developing a small Dev-Nagari editor 'LeKhaNi' (Lekhni), and learning Win GUI API.
1995  Designed a DevaNagari-Latin font. Probably this was the first Hindi English font!
1996  Finalised version 1.1 of 'Lekhni'.
1997  Designed two DevaNagari-Latin font(s).
1998  Finalised version 1.2 of 'Lekhni'.
2000  Learned Java.
2001  Finalised version 2.0 of Lekhni
2002  Wrote notes on Saral Nagari etc.
2003  Started developing a Unicode based OpenType font.
2004  Finished our first Unicode based OpenType font.
2005  Developed Sugam 98 - for entering Unicode DevaNagari text in Windows 98!
2006  Finalised SuNāgarī - a keyboard layout for Indic Scripts.
2008  Developed _naagaree-128 - a transliteration scheme for converting DevaNagari text to Latin text.
2012  Developed Nīrajā-Latin - another transliteration scheme for converting DevaNagari text to Latin text.
2014  Newer versions of Sugam 2K, SuNāgarī.
2017  Developing something and maintaining what are already finished products.
2019  Put developments on hold. Learning and doing something necessary!

Apart from learning programming, typography and optics; he did following.

1990  Graduated in Industrial Engineering.
1991  Started providing DTP services & developing Software for Nagari [SurNeer].
1997  Stopped providing DTP services.
1998  Continued with Software Development [Aditi Information System].
2000  Provided computer education to about 200 students during 3 years.
2005  Hosted softfonts.com for selling our Smart Font/s (type software).
2006  Started an Optical stores.
2011  Hosted hindi.co ...

The fonts and software designed by him don't have odd (infrequent) conjuncts. He devoted a lot of time developing his preferences about Nagari. Read about 'Saral Nagari'!

He kept on developing LeKhaNi as an intelligent(!) interface for keying in bilingual text of Nagari languages and English for years. But since 2002 he switched to Unicode based solution.

Download baal-geet (Hindi rhymes MP3)

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