Privacy Policy

I'm (we are) in the business of designing digital typefaces and developing small computer-programs (utilities).

I/We do not collect any personally identifiable information on our sites. You may like to check privacy policies of following online services we have been using for 4-5 years.

1. PayPal

Only when a user decides to buy our fonts or software, PayPal collects personal information of the would be customer on our behalf. PayPal is online payment processing service of eBay. PayPal only gives user's contact information to us. Neither we need, nor we ask for user's credit-card number or account details.

2. StatCounter

When you open our web page(s) a website statistics service ( tries to set a cookie in your computer. If your computer allows this cookie, can track how many and which pages were accessed (visited/opened) using your computer. This cookie also helps in deciding whether the same computer was used by someone (possibly you) to visit our site/page in the past. But StatCounter do not collect any personally identifiable information.